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Finding the deep wrecks at The Coombe


Last night 14/10/15 we all met at the Coombe for a night dive, it turned out all 12 divers were a minimum of advanced so we made the decision to dive the deep wrecks. This dive site is wicked and offers 22m depth from a shore dive which around Perth is rare.

Glenn came along with Kayla as Divemaster trainees to assist with the briefing etc and they did a great job. Once all the necessities were out of the way we hit the water for the long surface swim. Personally I don’t mind the swim out to the descent point it’s only about 200m or so.

Once at the correct buoy I set the flag and we all made a descent together, straight down to 18m. From here we moved off towards the 1stwreck which we located pretty quickly and had a good look around. Almost instantly I saw 3 Scorpion fish one of which was the biggest I have ever seen. My fish I.D book reckons they grow to around 400mm, well this one would have been well on the limit, looking really well fed. We also saw Cobbler, Starfish everywhere, Flathead, Seahorses and crabs crabs crabs!!!

After a while we myself and a couple of other went off towards the other wreck which somehow we managed to overshoot, which wasn’t a bad thing as we hit 22m!

We then navigated back to the first wreck and with deco knocking on the door decided to move up the bank to around 14m. Once on the steep slope we made a steady ascent up the steep bank that runs right up to the shore. We did our 3min safety stop and then spent the remainder of the dive in the shallows but swimming back towards the carpark.

In the shallows we found heaps of life, Leatherjackets, more Seahorses, Crabs, Slender Seamoths, Prawns, Gobies, Stinkfish, Blennys and Jellyfish.

Trevor was lucky enough to catch a tagged crab offering a reward from fisheries. He released it back in the river after a photo or two and was given a scratchy for his efforts and info for the research guys!

I really do enjoy that spot as did everyone else in the group, what more could anyone want??? Lots of life, two good sized wrecks and some good depth all from a shore dive….love it.


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