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Finding the Elizabeth shipwreck at Cottesloe

Sunday 22 October 2017

Another Sunday morning and this week the weather looked great, the temperature was up and the wind was down. To continue the Wrecktober theme we headed to Cottesloe to try our luck finding the Elizabeth wreck. With 18 keen divers and most new faces we finished breakfast and made our way down to the site. 

Manta Club dive at Cottesloe

At the site we all kitted up then met at the steps for a photo and dive brief. With a short trip down the steps and across the beach we got into the water and waited for the rest of the group. After a little surface swim we dropped down and made our way to the reef. Once we got to about 6m we headed north trying to bump into the wreck. The viz dropped to about 2m so we gave up on the wreck and came into the shallower protected water looking for crays and anything else we could find.

We didn’t manage to find any crays but we did come across a school of large buff bream, wrasse, scalyfins and a squid trying to camouflage in the weeds. By this point the surge managed to pick up so we started to make our way into shore. We had a little bit of swell to battle getting out but with a little bit of teamwork it wasn’t a problem.

PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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