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Firing up the BBQ after a great night dive

Last Wednesdays manta club night dive (22/6/16) was at Point Walter. We met at the earlier time of 6pm to allow some extra time for a post dive BBQ.


Once i had done the briefing all 14 divers entered the water adjacent to the jetty. Some were catching crabs and prawns and some like my self and my buddies were just going to have a look at some of the critters.

Once underwater we headed out towards the channel and almost immediately were greeted by a small Cuttlefish camouflaged perfectly on the river bed. Not long after this we came across a solitary pipefish. There were also plenty of crabs and prawns along with some of the other river regulars, Cobbler, Gobbleguts and two juvenile squid.

Once back in the shallows we took a bearing to the jetty and headed that way to finnish the dive there i search of Seahorses. Under the very shallow jetty we found scores of Seahorses in every different colour and size.

This spot doesnt always offer as much life as some of the parts of the river with wrecks but nevertheless is a good spot to get some night diving experience, with the highlight definitely being the Seahorses under the jetty. Once again we have great visibility in the 5m+ depth range and water temp of 15-16 degrees which is pretty reasonable for this time of year.

After the dive and a dry off we were joined by Dom from the shop and we fired up the BBQ. We had a great sausage sizzle and cooked up the fresh prawns along with some great post dive banter till almost 11pm. Not a scrap went to waste.

It was great once again to see some new faces and i look forward to the next one when we will do it all over again

written by Aaron Goodhew Perth Scuba Instructor

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