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Perth Scuba | Dive Shop & Training Western Australia

First rEvo Try Dive Day in Perth

Awesome fun and great learning curve

Sunday 20 January 2019

Alison, Joseph & Jake
Closed Circuit Rebreathers (CCR) are a great way to dive and is quite different to Open Circuit (OC) diving. Sunday 20th January saw six OC divers (one of whom did the try dive twice) enter the silent world of CCR’s. We started each session with a presentation on CCR Diving and the rEvo unit, a physical hands on build (assembly of the rEvo), closed check (preparing the rEvo for a dive) and pre-jump check (final check that everything is working so we can safely dive the units). A Giant-Stride later and we were in the pool. 
One of my favourite analogies for a CCR is that it is a Portable Nitrox Blending Machine on your back giving you the optimum blend for every depth. This became apparent during the dive when, under supervision, the participants added 100% Oxygen and Diluent (the diluting gas) into the units. While doing this we all watched the computers analysing the breathing mix and keeping the breathing gas at safe levels. 
Watching experienced divers come to grips with CCR buoyancy is always a lot of fun (and cause for laughter). Inhaling or exhaling to attain neutral buoyancy just does not work on CCR’s, however the participants did very well. After some skills we did a few laps of the pool followed by barrel rolls. This was to demonstrate how a persons position in the water effects the ease of breathing (known as the Work of Breathing WOB). The participants were amazed at how silent CCR diving is. Well it WAs silent until we started to chat under water (on CCR’s you can hold a conversation underwater – everyone found this amusing). 
Danny, Joseph & JamesWe spent about 30 minutes under water and then it was time to ascend. After the dive all participants helped strip the units, clean and disinfect the loop and counter lungs then dry out the units ready for the next group. 
Everyone attending will be sent a TDI rEvo Closed Circuit Rebreather Discovery Certificate of Experience as the program was completed as required in accordance with the TDI Standards for the Rebreather Discovery Program.
If you are interested in Closed Circuit Rebreathers please contact us.
James, Joseph & Ed

TDI rEvo Closed Circuit Rebreather Instructor Joseph Bicanic

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