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Free Night Dive at Ammunition Jetty

Aug ’11
7:00 pm
Location: Ammunition Jetty, Nyyerbup Circle (car park near grass), Munster, Western Australia
Join the Perth Scuba Crew for an exciting Night Dive at the Ammo Jetty! The weather is looking great and the viz should be fantastic too :)

The dive is easy and great if you want to take photos. The marine life is more diverse on on the northern side of the jetty. You’ll find a variety of fish feeding and sheltering amongst the invertebrates. Old Wives, Damselfish, Leatherjackets, Blennies, Yellowtails and Boxfish are all found in large numbers. I’ve also seen plenty of Octopuses at times if you look real hard.

Everyone is more than welcome to join us and best of all this is perfect practice for your Underwater Photography for the Upcoming Underwater Festival Completion starting THIS FRIDAY! Over $150K in prizes!!!

The ammo jetty is a great place to practice your buoyancy with an easy entry for anyone carrying a heap of gear!


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