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Free Sunday Morning Shore Dive

Aug ’12
8:30 am

This Sunday 12th August, meet 8:30am at Perth Scuba so Josh “Awesome” Phillips can lead you to the Deep Wrecks of the Coombe.Find seahorses at The Coombe

In the Swan River, just in front of The Coombe Reserve (end of The Coombe, Mosman Bay) are two shallow wrecks (10-12m deep) and two deep wrecks (20-22m deep). This dive site is a super easy entry off the slowly sloping sand and an easy swim out to buoy #221. This is where you descend down the mooring line and arrive on top of the 10m wreck. Once you’ve explored this wreck move on a bearing of 355º towards the 12m wreck. This wreck is larger than the first and you’ll find a variety of marine life in the nooks and crannies of its hull.

Looking for the more advanced deep wrecks instead? It’s a bit of a surface swim but well worth the effort. From the concrete pipe at the corner of The Coombe Reserve, surface swim 240m following a bearing of 340º to buoy #352. Descend down the mooring line to 21m and then swim a distance of 15m along a 60º bearing to the 22m barge. This is a large boat so you’ll need plenty of time to explore – not remember to watch your no-deco limits.

We’ll have all the site maps at the store Sunday morning for more details.

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