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Frogfish, Crabs and Seahorses at Jerrat Drive

Last night (2/3/15) the seabreeze was howling again just for a change, so like normal for the last few weeks we were diving in the river. This week was Jerrat Drive East Fremantle. We had 14 divers in total a few of which hadn’t dived this site before. I really rate this dive site for hunting for critters and last night was no exception.


geared up on the grass area next to the parking, following my briefing we went down to the water. Some guys were focused mainly on catching prawns and crabs whereas my dive buddy and I were just going for a look and maybe a few photos.

Once we started the descent it was clear the vis wasn’t awesome but definitely not the worst I had ever seen. From the corner of the jetty we headed out at 35 degrees in search of the WWII landing craft. It didn’t take long and we came across it. There was a slight current running which drifted us over the wreck nicely. The wreck was teeming with life, Seahorses, Several kinds of Leatherjackets, Cowfish, Toadfish, Gobbleguts, Stripey, Tarwhine, Flathead and several Cuttlefish….. but the star of the show and one of the highlights of the last 4.5 years I have spent diving the Swan river was not one but two Hairy Frogfish sat side by side on the edge of the wreck. It was absolutely awesome to find these little fellas just chilling on the wreck. Lucky for me my buddy had a camera and managed to get a couple of shots of them.


From the landing craft we headed over to the old Chinese Junk boat. By now the current was picking up quite a bit so once on the wreck to stay in one spot we were having to fin quite hard. Again we found loads of life pretty much all the same stuff we saw on the first wreck minus the frogfish. We also saw some really good sized blue swimmer Crabs.

After the second wreck we headed off back to the bank swimming across the current. We had spent quite a long time on the wrecks so we didn’t have long to in investigate the shallows. We had plenty of air but the agreed dive time of 50 minutes was creeping up.

One final awesome sight on ascent was a bright yellow seahorse that came to greet us at the base of the old jetty. Overall a fantastic dive made so memorable by those cool little frogfish.

Everyone else had a great dive too, with wreck, drift, navigation and night diving all in the one dive….. Love it.

Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Aaron Goodhew

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