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Christmas Party 2012

Thank you to all the Perth Scuba Crew that joined us at The Terrace Lounge on Saturday 8th December for our annual Christmas Party!

We had a great night and I am sure “The Terrace” will think a third time about offering Perth Scuba an Open Bar for 4 hours again – surprised they let us back after last year!!!  (Thanks Kate for arranging a great night!)

Once again the Perth Scuba crew did well to show the world that we ARE a bunch of drinkers with a diving problem!

A few mentions from the night which couldn’t be missed…

Tahnee – Looking forward to teaching you to dive this summer!

Neal – OMG! What did you leave on my camera!!!

Kristy & Rob – You are both so being tagged so your parents can see what you’ve been up to!

Josh – For being the ONLY person who didn’t dress up for the evening.

Chad – For winning the door prize even though we haven’t seen you dive in 2 years! No excuses now buddy.

Rob – For being Ken’s date AGAIN when we needed a stand-in at another awesome party.

Alex – Wow! Who would’ve known you had a dress in your wardrobe! Nice work girl!

Tristan – Thankfully no hotdog, hernia or heartbeat was left on my camera by yourself!

Joey – “yes, I’m nominating myself” for making this years jelly shots even more deadly than the previous years! Who would’ve thought they’d barely set this year…..

Glen – Where were you??????????? You’re only 21 – going to sleep is no excuse for not partying!

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