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Mexico 2013

written by Tiffany Jones – Perth Scuba Mexico Tour Guest

We landed late at night with torrential rain and high winds! This did not help the nerves I was already feeling before the trip going into the unknown world of Mexico! But when we woke up the next morning and had a wander around the beautiful (if not soaking wet) resort we were all more than happy with the place we would call home for the next 10 days.

Then we went out for our first dive at one of the Cenotes – incredible! I’m not sure any of us knew what to expect and what was on offer would not have disappointed anyone! This place was stunning! As well as all the other Cenotes we visited – you cannot put into words the wonders of these incredible caverns!

I cannot say enough good things about the staff at Dive Aventuras. The Dive Guides were all so nice and knew how to show you the best in what their everyday dives had to offer. They had a fantastic sense of humour and really made the whole experience that one step better!

Thank you to everyone involved in making this trip special to all – Our Tour Leader Josh and the staff at Dive Adventuras especially :)

written by Louise Crawley – Perth Scuba Mexico Tour Guest

The trip from Perth to Cancun was exhausting! 11 of us met at Perth airport at 4:30am on the 1st of June. After a much needed coffee and introductions we were loaded onto our first flight to Sydney.

Once we arrived in Sydney it a small rush to chow down some maccas and catch our connecting flight. We spent the next 16 hours flying over the (insert ocean here) to our next destination, Dallas.

Dallas was crazy! The airport had been shut down prior to our arrival which meant it was bedlam when we did arrive. After standing in queue for 2 hours our group managed to convince an immigration officer to allow us to cut through the line so we wouldn’t miss our flight. Finally, we picked up our luggage, took it to international transfer, raced through this ridiculously sized airport to our gate only minutes prior to boarding.

Our final destination, Cancun, was only a short 2 hour flight away. When we arrived, Mexico had greated us with torrential rain and electrical storms (which barely let up for the following 4-5 days). We arrived at our Resort around 11pm, a little tired, a little cranky, a little wet but overall thankful that we actually made it!

It was only a short sleep before we were all up, enjoying a buffet breakfast, and heading off for our first dives in Mexico! Once at the dive shop we were loaded into a van and taken to the experience cavern diving in the Cenotes!

The cenotes are located deep in the jungle, reached only by offroad tracks. It was definitely an interesting experience kitting up in dive gear surrounded by lush green forest with no water in sight (except what was falling from the sky). A short walk in our dive gear and we arrived at our entry point.The two dives were amazing. Crystal clear waters with amazing rock formations and completely secluded from the crazy weather above.

The days that followed involved a combination of diving a rest days. The rest days involved sleeping, chilling at the pool bar and friendly beach volleyball competition against the yanks.

While in Cancun, three of the Perth Scuba crew completed a cave diving course, loving every second of penetrating deep into the underground system.

Unfortunately, a number of our crew suffered from ear/sinus issues causing them to abandon dives or miss them completely. But they kept enthusiastic and eventually managed to complete all their dives, with great pain but great satisfaction.

Everyone experienced tummy issues at some stage during the trip as a result of the change in diet and water. But most of us took it on the chin and did not stop us from diving or socialising.

The food at the resort was lovely. My favourite was the Japanese restaurant, Mikado who’s chefs practiced chinzitzu and put on a great show.

In addition to cenote diving, a few of us headed into the ocean where we enjoyed the company of loggerhead and green turtles, stingrays, parrot fish, crayfish, puffer fish, amazing corals, and other species of colourful fish.

On day 9, our last full day, we all went our separate ways… Four of the boys headed out on a locals fishing boat for sport fishing, two spent the day chilling by the beach, and another two chose to squeeze in one more day of cave diving. I braved the sun, heat and humidity to check out an ancient Maya ruin, chichen itza. The final two of the original 11 left us a few days prior and headed to Dallas for personal reasons.

Overall it was an epic trip! Lots of laughs, a few tears, amazing diving, but most of all, a hell of a lot of fun!

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