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Palau 2013

Filmed & Edited by Brett Cook – Perth Scuba Dive Master Trainee

Palau Dive Tour 2013

written by Josh Phillips – Perth Scuba Shop Manager

Upon leaving the poor souls who had to return to work after finishing the Truk lagoon part of the trip the crew that was staying had 24 hours in Guam. We headed out to Hard Rock for dinner then headed our different ways. Some went shopping or shooting or clubbing or just headed to bed.

By the next morning we had the folks who missed out on Truk join us from their midnight horror flight from Cairns. Most the crew went shopping and then we flew out to Palau in the evening. We arrived in Palau at night and everyone was dreaming what it would be like.

As everyone woke up in the morning they all got the surprise of their life. Nobody expected what they actually saw and were amazed at the scenery. We headed down to breakfast and then all went and got our gear organised and headed over to Sam’s Tours.

After doing the check in process we loaded out gear on the boat and headed out for our check out dive. Both groups headed to different sites, jumped in the water and were amazed at the 30 degree temperature. Both groups loved their dives and could not wait to do more.

A few different dives we did on our trip:

Blue Holes – four vertical shafts next to blue corner which start at knee deep and straight down to edits at 24m into a huge sun lit cathedral chamber, which opens out into the open ocean.

Blue Corner- drift along the wall from the blue holes and you come upon the blue corner. Once you reach the corner you deploy your reef hooks and then feel like you are flying in the current. You see black and white tip reef sharks, barracuda, napoleon wrasse plus all other type of smaller reef fish.

Ulong Channel – one of the most favourite dives of the trip. Drop in as the incoming current starts and get into position on the corner and hook on. As you wait you see heaps of white and black tip reef sharks as the current increases. Once you have had enough on the corner. Unhook and let the current take you down the channel and watch all the sights as you drift past and not having to do any work.

Chandelier cave – a well-developed cave system with two large underwater caverns and several smaller caverns above water. The name chandelier is given from when divers point there torches up to the caverns and you get the reflections off the water onto the limestone roof.

On the days we went to ulong channel we were fortunate enough to go to ulong island for lunch. This was where one of the original camps for one of the tribes of the first survivor palau and survivor micronesia had camp. They removed all the seats and tables and turned it into a remote island.

After the diving had finished each day there was different things to do. You could sit at Sam’s and have drinks and get their amazing fish and chicken fingers. Also there was the option to go for a massage down the road, chill by the pool or beach at the hotel, or just go back to your room and chill. Each night we headed to a different restaurant to have dinner and drinks together.

But all good things had to come to an end, we all headed back to Guam for some more shopping before heading back to cairns and finally saying our goodbyes to our newly met friends.

Thanks to Lindsay, Kendrick, Chanel, Ian R, Robyn, Bob, Tina-Marie, Ian H, Laurethe, Alicia, Adrian, Peter, Ben, Julianne, Paul, Michael, Mark S, Shane, Brett, Jane, Mark O, Teresa and Sarah for joining us on the trip!

Palau Micronesia Tour Group 2013

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