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Point Peron

Written by Joey Pool

Sunday 11 December 2011

Well it was a beautiful Sunday morning and the Perth Scuba Crew were heading out for their Sunday morning dive. We all met at the dive shop to fill our cylinders, pour a coffee and enjoy Lindsay’s bacon & egg rolls before we listened to his site brief and headed off into the bright sunshine.

Lee & I couldn’t believe our luck that the weather was so gorgeous. It was 27 degrees on our way down to the dive site and I was thankful I’d only brought my 3mm wetsuit – so much easier to get into!

The crew all parked up in the Point Peron car park and started to kit up their gear. Of course, my all important underwater camera was with me aka “The Preying Mantis” and everything else just fell into place – no Lee not literally – I would NEVER drop my dive gear….

Most of the crew followed Lindsay down to the northern beach which is a 150m walk across sand, relatively easy, and they dipped in for their dive. Lee & I and Greg & Jkke Thomms took the even easier option and walked down the limestone steps in front of the car park… All of 15m before we stepped into the water? No one EVER said diving was meant to be hard hehehe.

So, with that lazy stroll behind us we swam a short distance out from the beach and descended to the bottom. The water was a lovely 22 degrees and a little milky – so photographs were going to be a bit green today. Not to worry, Lee & I were just happy to be in the water (in training you know – we have the Galapagos Islands next year!) and swimming about.

If you’ve never dived Point Peron, it’s quite different to most the other dive sites we’ve been to recently. There’s a lot of limestone overhangs and the sand is covered in all sorts of seaweed up to 1.5m long in most places. There were all sorts of shy fish darting away from us and hiding amongst the fronds. My fish ID is not so great so I couldn’t tell you the names, all I know is I haven’t seen most these fish at the Cockburn Sound dive sites I’ve been frequenting this season.

Lee and I spent most our time peering under ledges to see what was hiding there. There were schools of bulleye’s, blue nudibranch’s and blue cleaner wrasse – I’d show you a photo but all I got were bum shots! We could hear the crayfish clicking away at each other but didn’t look too hard for them as we didn’t bother with a loop or catchbag… Sorry Lee, but photos are much more fun than crayfish!

The dive site is quite shallow so don’t expect to get any depths over 6 metres, however, if you head out to the far break water you’ll find a lot of critters. On our way back towards shore we encountered schools of hundreds of blowfish with big smiley faces as they scooted on by – it was pretty cute and I popped off a couple of shots.

So all in all it was a very cruisy dive site, very easy for the beginner and enough to see to keep an experienced diver happy. Next Sunday 18th December our club dive will be later in the day – the Perth Scuba Christmas Party is Saturday night – you can’t expect us to get up early can you??? ;) If you’d like to join us for a dive, meet at Perth Scuba at 2pm this Sunday – everyone is more than welcome!

Sunday 10th April 2011

Perth Scuba headed to Point Peron for their Sunday morning club dive on 10th April 2011. Here’s some of the underwater photos taken by Greg Thomms, an avid underwater photographer and Perth Scuba Dive Master trainee.

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