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Rottnest Island Night Dive

November 2011

A group of 46 excited divers jumped on the boat on a beautiful clear, calm and balmy night for a night dive at Rottnest Island. We couldn’t have asked for any better for the filming of another episode of the new Dive Locker tv show “the Water” with Nathan Patto presenting.

After a short skim across the flat water to Rotto, the Perth Scuba Crew geared up, switched on their torches and fired up their cameras & video for an hour dive at Crystal Palace. From the moment we descended you could see that the visibility was at least 20 metres – and I swear I could see Joseph’s Sola 4000 video light’s from 50 metres away! I was astounded with the amount of life we saw, from shy Blue Devil’s, Port Jackson sharks, a Giant dancing Stingray, colourful cuttlefish, tiny shrimp, large Banded Shrimp, a Cat Shark, and so many Crayfish in berry it was a site to see!

Here’s just a few images from the evening from above and below the water taken by Joey Pool…

February 2011

A group of keen divers headed out to Rottnest Island for a night dive. It was a warm evening with barely any wind and calm seas (FINALLY!). The water was 26C and the air was 30C, it was a beautiful. The dive site was Groper Caves, chosen by our skipper John Daly and it was a magnificent spot filled with plenty of critters. Here’s just a few of the things we saw with all photos taken by Joey Pool.

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