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Garenyup wreck at North Mole dive

Garenyup wreck at North Mole dive

Another Sunday morning down at the shop and with breakfast disappearing fast we got everyone up to speed on how to find the site. With a turnout of twenty and conditions looking good we made our way to North Mole to check our the Greenup wreck.

When we got to the site conditions looked great, no swell in sight. So we got everyone kitted up for a photo then scrambled down the wall. After we descended the viz was awesome, probably the best I have seen at North Mole. After following the pegs for a bit we bumped into the wreck. The wreck was covered in boxfish, wrase, scalyfins and schools of baby bulls eye. After a couple of laps and a few swim throughs we navigated east towards the wall.

After crossing the sand we hit the wall. While swimming back we had a look for some crays and bumped into a schools of skippy and small snapper. After another twenty minutes we made it back to the entry point and caught up with everyone on the surface. After some teamwork we made our way back up the rocks and back to our cars.

One of the best dives I’ve done at North Mole, the viz was great and the swell stayed away until we got out of the water.

PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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