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Get colour into your underwater photos

Quick Tips for getting great colour in your underwater photography:underwater photography komodo johanna pool

SET FLASH TO ON. Turn your camera flash to ON, don’t leave your camera on the AUTO setting. This way your camera’s flash will go off everytime you take a photo.

KEEP IT CLOSE. Make sure the critter or coral you want to light is no more than a meter away from your camera. Rull of thumb – if you can’t touch it, neither can your strobe.

USE A STROBE. Whilst you can get some good photos with the camera’s internal flash, a strobe gives you a bigger external light source that can be placed to minimise backscatter. And in Perth waters – this is a BIG asset!

Perth Scuba carry a huge range of strobes and lighting to improve colour in your photographs. Come in and chat to us about what will be best for your underwater photographs.

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