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Getting to the Fundamentals of Diving

written by Joseph Bicanic – Perth Scuba Technical Diving InstructorPerth Scuba GUE Fundamentals Course Sept2013-5527

Fundies, as the course is affectionately known as, is without a doubt one of the best and most eye opening courses I have ever done. GUE (Global Underwater Explorers) have a rather different approach to Scuba Diver training. Their focus is to first get a Diver to have a certain skill level before going on to the next course. Can you fin / maintain buoyancy / correct equipment? Fundies is taught to non-GUE Divers interested in crossing over to GUE or those interested in another training perspective.

Prior to doing the course my understanding of GUE was that of a regimented system with little flexibility. I was happily proven wrong. In saying that GUE have a reason for everything they do and it just works. Not all Divers would appreciate the finesse of GUE but as an Underwater Videographer and Tec Diver I certainly did.

So what so different with GUE? It starts at the beginning. Open Water Students are taught good finning, hovering and buoyancy control so that all open water skills are done mid-water. Imagine having a Saturday morning of Open Water Students at the Rockingham Wreck Trail with no silt. What a treat!

Our instructor, Liam Allen, often said the hardest thing to do while diving is to do nothing i.e be still, neutrally buoyant and not move forward. Everything we as divers do when we move propels us forward. This is emphasised at OW level so that Divers do not have to re-learn how to fin. Interestingly other training agencies are moving their focus towards trim, buoyancy and fin technique at the Open Water level. How many of us were taught (and still teach) to “kneel on the bottom” as soon as we descend?

GUE, like all other training agencies, have their place in the industry and as a Diver with Certifications from 4 other agencies I am glad to have had this experience.

Interested in learning more about becoming a GUE Fundamentals Diver? Click here for more details about our upcoming courses.

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