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Glyde Street night dive exploration

Perth-Scuba-Manta-Club-Dive-Glyde-Street-04Nov2015-3-2After having a couple of weeks off from running the night dive I was looking forward to getting back in the water with all the club divers, Wednesday 4/11/15’s night dive was scheduled for Glyde Street in Mosman Park. We all met in the car park just up the hill from the dive site. There was 15 divers in total including myself which was a fantastic turnout. Amongst the group we had a few seasoned night diving veterans, one instructor and a couple of guys completely new to night diving.

Glyde Street is not a spot we regularly visit but is really good for a change and a bit of an explore, offering one known wreck a tyre reef and plenty of critters in the shallows.

After the gearing up and the briefing which took a while as we were all chatting more than putting dive gear together :-) we made our way down the hill to the entry area. Once in the water we set the flag and headed out from the shallows directly East in search of the wreck. Several of the guys were heading off in search of prawns pretty much bypassing the wreck. I had a relatively large group following me which made it really interesting as the bottom composition is silt silt and more silt. We had a few zero visibility moments, which leads me on to recommend the PADI peak performance buoyancy course to really fine tune those buoyancy skills! Having said this we pretty much managed to stay together the whole dive.

We found the wreck and the tyre wall/reef and saw some awesome Scorpion fish, Leatherjackets, Boxfish, Cobbler and heaps of cool little crabs, just to name a few. In the 2m-8m range we came across hundreds of white jellyfish, literally blanketing the water in places. Dining on these jellies we found plenty of blue swimmer crabs having a night time snack.


All through the shallows there are random pieces of junk and tyres etc along with mooring lines which offer refuge for plenty of little critters, including lots and lots of seahorses. We were even lucky enough to sea 3 Pipefish which were really ornate. For a change we saw quite a few prawns as well, much to the delight of some of the divers. Trevor found not only prawns and crabs but a fellow New Zealanders Passport! Very random….

Once on the surface we all met by the river bank and ended up sitting there for 15mins chatting away until all the divers had returned. Once back in a full group we all headed back to the car park to dry off and bring an end to what was an awesome evening in the Swan River. Looking forward tonext Wednesday for another exciting shore dive, keep your eyes on Perth Scubas facebook page for an update on next weeks location. Hope to see you all there :-)

Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Aaron Goodhew

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