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Glyde Street night dive

Perth-Scuba-Manta-Club-Night-Dive-12Aug2015-2Last Wednesday the 12th of August 2015 the night dive was in the river at Glyde Street in Mosman Park. We all met and geared up in the car park up the hill from the entry to the dive site. There were 6 divers including myself all of which hadn’t dived at Glyde Street before.

We entered the water on a low tide, it was perfectly calm with no wind and not a ripple on the water. We planned to head directly out towards the wreck approximately 120m from the shoreline. A spanner was thrown in the works with one of the guys not having enough weight for his new dry suit. We all surfaced and shuffled a few weights around between us to save having to walk back to the car park for more. We eventually managed to sink Alvin and his drysuit :-) and continued the dive.

Once on the bottom we soon came across a large clump of tyres, we saw plenty or seahorses and some really cool well camouflaged crabs. From here we moved in the direction of the wreck. The wreck is in really good condition and has some awesome grown on it, we saw squid, a really good sized Cuttlefish, Leatherjackets, Gobbleguts, and nudibranchs.

I decided to cut the dive early for myself and Alvin due to the continued weighting issues with the dry suit. The other 4 guys continued their dive in the shallows and we all regrouped at the end on the riverbank.

It was an awesome little spot to check out, with good visibility once under the brown water which ran down to around 5m. We were all pleased we found the wreck and the tyres and will definitely be returning soon to have a much more detailed look.

Thanks to all that came and I hope to see you all on the 19/8 when we will be diving the Ammo Jetty. Also sorry for the poor quality photo………… I really should not take photos with 5mm gloves on!!

Perth Scuba PADI Instructor – Aaron Goodhew

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