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Glyde Street night diving

This Wednesdays night dive 8/6/16 was at Glyde Street in Mosman Park…….and wow last week we had 14 divers this week only 3!!! What happened did it suddenly get cold? Well we were about to find out. Once I had done the ridiculously easy dive brief to 3 experienced divers we headed down the hill and into the water.


The shallows were in the 15 to 16 degree range and visibility was pretty poor, however beyond this in the 8m+ range the water was 17 degrees and really surprisingly clear with up to 8-10m vis in places, it really was awesome.

We made our way down the slope to the 12m depth range to find the wreck, here we found heaps of Sea Horses, Leatherjackets, Scorpion fish, Boxfish and we even had a tiny squid come and touch the lens of my torch. From the wreck we went down to around 16m and found loads and loads of crabs and also a few prawns.

In the shallows we had more limited visibility but a great selection on critters by favourite being an awesomely camouflaged Fingered Dragonet.

Danny bagged out on crabs and had a good few prawns too. If your feeling the chill check out some of the drysuits Perth Scuba has on offer or even some of the hoods and undergarments for your wetsuit, because believe me the winter diving is still well worth the effort.

written by Aaron Goodhew Perth Scuba PADI Instructor

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