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Go Pro Information Evening

May ’12
7:00 pm

Go Pro Information Evening

CALLING ALL DIVERS!!!   GO PRO NIGHT 30th May 2012 @ 7:00pm

Written by Andy Goddard

Ever considered taking your diving to the next level? Better still… Have you ever considered taking your diving to a Professional level?

It’s not that hard you know… You too can become one of Perth Scuba’s ELITE!

Receiving this newsletter means that you are already on your way… Here’s how it works:

Open water  – 3 days

Advanced  – 2 days

Rescue – 2 days

Dive Master (Part time – a few weekends and a few week nights – 3 months comfortably)

Instructor – 8 days (Full Time)

There are only a few prerequisites – To become a PADI Pro you must be 18 – Sorry to all the younger bubble blowers, but don’t let that stop you. Learning and completing all of the courses up to Rescue Diver and doing as many dives and reading the Dive Master manuals will set you up for a great future in diving. You need a minimum of 20 dives to commence your Dive Master and 60 to complete it. During your DM course you will get the opportunity to complete a bunch of dives including some boat dives at Rottnest.

Quite often we get people saying “I’d like to do it but I don’t have the experience – I’m guilty of that myself when it comes to doing my Course Director course, but trust me when I tell you – the course is designed to teach you and give you the skills you need to become the level you are training for. No one expects you to know and be at that level BEFORE you do the training. The great thing about it is that when you finish your course, you WILL be at that level and the confidence in you diving will increase big time!

So… Convinced that becoming a PADI Pro is for you yet? Let me tell you more… Not only when you become a PADI Pro do you become immortal… You can then start booking dive trips and assist on leading the trips to make them tax deductable along with your Dive gear purchases. Diving can become a great second income for you if you want it to be – or of course – you can make a full time career out of it like me.

I have, over the years got so much out of diving, meeting new friends who have turned out to be friends for life, travelling the world and introducing new divers to the world… Thousands of you!

I left Perth Scuba to join the police force because I thought I would like the change… I came back because I missed the diving and the group of friends that I have made over the years… (and they ran out of Donuts due to government cost cutting! – Lee’s editing).

A career in diving can do what no other job I know of can do… Take you to anywhere in the world doing what you do for fun… and you get paid to do it!

Join Perth Scuba on our PADI Go Pro Night at 7.00pm on Wednesday the 30th of May for a very informative night. Meet and talk to our Course Directors Marc and Garth and talk to the Perth Scuba crew about kick starting your career in diving. Nibblies and drinks will be provided along with lots of laughs and some very good Career deals! Make sure you let us know you are coming.

Hope to see you there!!!

Did You Know?

Perth Scuba is about to become a Career Development Centre – The HIGHEST level any dive centre can achieve in the PADI diving world! (There’s only 1 other in Australia that we know of!)

Perth Scuba certifies more divers than any other dive centre in WA

Perth Scuba is the largest dive centre in Australia

Perth Scuba has 3 PADI Course Directors on staff! (There are only 6 active Course Directors in WA)

Perth Scuba is part of the Dive Locker group – which means that your career and work opportunities are opened up to 6 dive stores within WA alone!

Perth Scuba has the best priced Instructor Development Program in Australia

YOU can become a part of all of this – Just come to our Go Pro Night to find out how!!!

** If you are interested in taking your diving to the next level but don’t want to be a pro… Come along anyway and find out about what’s next for you.

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