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Gobble guts, Leatherjackets, Flounder, Squid & Crabs

Last Wednesday (16/3/16) once again we were night diving the river, again due to the strong winds whipping the ocean up. This time we were at Bicton Baths……..and what a turn out! The car park was more than full as we had 23 divers in total.


We had several people going to have a crack at catching some prawns and crabs including myself. After the briefing on the beach we all entered the water and walked out to where it drops of. From here I headed straight out to the channel hoping to see a few prawns, there were a few but the were all pretty small. I did however see a huge great Eel fully exposed swimming along the bottom, once it caught sight of my torch beam it very quickly burrowed into the river bed tail first and completely disappeared.

After a good cruise around in the fairly decent vis in the deeper sections at around 16m I headed up to shallower water for a look around for a few critters. I found “Leatherjackets, Gobbleguts, Squid, Crabs, Flounder and under the jetty I was lucky enough to find a tiny blue ring octopus, which put on a good show of its blue rings in my torch light.

Towards the end of my dive I released the prawns I had caught as most of them were pretty small and far better off alive back in the water to fatten up for next time maybe.

Bicton is a good river dive but lacking wrecks like some of the other spots in the river which offer a haven for marine life, however the shallows, weed beds and under the jetty are always well worth a look. I also found three slender seamoths sat side by side in only 6m of water which was cool.

After talking to all the divers its pretty clear that a lot of guys are keen for another dive to the North Mole/Gareenup wreck so weather permitting we will head there on next weeks Perth Scuba night club dive.

Written by Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Aaron Goodhew

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