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Going a little Hoki on another Maru in Truk Lagoon

Going a little Hoki on another Maru in Truk Lagoon

18 July 2019

So I thought it was about time I posted some photos from my fantastic holiday aboard Truk Odyssey diving the wrecks of Truk Lagoon. As I have lots of photos to get through, I thought I’d focus on just one of the many wrecks we dived for now and add to them as they get sorted through….

Massive rudder and propeller at the stern of Hoki Maru shipwreck
Rudder and propellers with CCR divers on Hoki Maru

These photos are of the Hoki Maru wreck that was 450ft/136m long with a gross tonnage of 7,112 tons. The Hoki Maru was driven by twin screws and her engines were of the very latest Diesel eight-cylinder four-stroke type. She could carry a complement of 50 men and 12 passengers. She was the first of her kind to be propelled by power rather than steam. Her oil bunkers held enough fuel to take the vessel halfway around the world. The word ‘Maru’ designates a merchant vessel. 

Exploring the engine rooms of the Hoki Maru
Exploring the holds filled with trucks on the Hoki Maru

On February 17th 1944 she was repeatedly attacked by USS Essex and USS Yorktown bombers and torpedoed by planes from USS Bunker Hill. She burned and sank before the next day’s attack. She rests on an even keel east of Eten Island with a slight list to port. Her superstructure lies at 80ft/2m, deck at 120ft/36m, and sea bottom at 165ft/50m. The holds contain many types of cargo, bombs, ammunition, and vehicles, including a Diesel roller, 4 Isuzu Type 94 trucks, 2 tractors (one similar to a John Deere, the other is a Komatsu), 2 small bulldozers and a prime mover. The midship was devastated by bomb damage, and the foreship opened up by gasoline explosions.

Alison and Dominic on the deck of the Hoki Maru
Alison and Dominic on the deck of the Hoki Maru

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