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Going deep to find monster prawns and crabs

Glyde Street, Mosman Park

Manta Club night dive

It was Wednesday 10 May night, the moon was glowing and it was time to catch some prawns and crabs at Glyde Street. With only three of us the plan was to go deep and find some monsters.

But once we got down to around 18m the viz was poor and the crabs managed to disappear. With a handful of large prawns around we did a few laps to fill up the nets and then made our way back up to 10m to catch a couple more crabs.  After picking some of the wrecks and grabbing a couple trying the hide in the sand it was time to make our way back to shore.

The viz was best around 10m and also the amount of crabs. If you’re looking for big prawns they were pretty big around 18m but most of them hung around the 10m mark. 

Glyde Street night dive

PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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