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Good turn out at Ammo Jetty night dive

Last nights dive (26/8/15) at Ammo Jetty was a millions times better than the week before. The ocean was flat, there was no wind and from the shore visibility was looking good.


surprise we had 14 divers! This is a really good turn out for this time of year as the water is still a little cool and the air temps are not that warm either.

After my briefing everyone did their buddy checks and a couple of guys made a dash to hit the water first with their cameras before the rest of us stirred the water up. everyone had night dived before apart from Ben who was a newly qualified diver, keen to get in the water and try it out in the dark. Gilbert and Shane made me laugh heading straight out to the end of the jetty past the fishermen and making a giant stride entry straight in at the deep end :-)

Myself, Ben and Wilson entered from the beach on the south side and descended into a cloud of toad fish, we then headed straight out towards the end and came across lots of different crabs on the jetty legs. Around the end section we noticed that our clean up dive a few weeks earlier had done a really good job. There was still a fair amount of fishing line on the outer areas but generally it was looking a lot cleaner. However sadly we did find several pieces of a stingray and a dead Cormorant.

During the dive we saw, leatherjackets, heaps of seahorses, Crabs, Eels, Scorpion fish, Nudibranchs, Juvenile Crayfish, Boxfish, Gobbleguts and on the way back out on the sand we saw a lone stingray.

Overall we all had a really good dive with lots to see as always at the Ammo Jetty and good to see its a fair bit cleaner. Next week we are heading to the Rockingham wreck trail for a night dive which will be cool as we haven’t dived there at night for quite some time.

Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Aaron Goodhew

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