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Good visibility, huge octopus and large Talmas

Manta Club dive at Ammo Jetty

Good visibility, a huge octopus, and a couple of large Talmas

Sunday 30 September 2018

This Sunday morning was close to perfect for diving, regardless of the recently published 70% chance of rain and 18 knots of wind. It was dry, sunny and calm on the water. At the pre-dive batbeque, tasty sausages were quite popular with about 12 divers of different certification levels, 10 of whom attended the Club dive. The site of choice was Perth Scuba’s homeground – the legendary Ammo Jetty.

Divers at Ammunition Jetty

Only 1 portable fishing chair was seen by some of the crew, who tried to remove it from seabed, however the object can now likely be viewed as part of reef ecosystem, because it was too well attached to its place. Only few Coca-Cola bottles were seen and removed (however a broader plan for conducting a massive clean-up was postponed, as we learned in the morning, but the spirit of looking after this site remained, as always). 

The general outlook beneath Ammo Jetty was actually quite good, and the visibility was up to 3-5 meters, dependent on location. Water felt warmer compared to previous few Club dives (even though some of us switched back to using a wetsuit today). We also heard some strange sounds when returning to the shallow end, which proved to be tourists from nearby tropical countries jumping into 16C water without any wetsuits, which looked puzzling, since it is not a common sight even in summer. 

Marine life found under the Jetty included a large (or huge?) octopus sighted at near 7m of depth, huge stripy Talmas near the deep end, schools of feeding fish of several species, an occasional catfish, and plenty of orange nudibranches. 

Everybody enjoyed visiting or re-visiting this iconic dive site. Thanks everyone for coming to this Manta Club dive! See you on next events soon.

Written by Mikhail Vasiliev – Perth Scuba PADI Instructor

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