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Night Diving at the Kwinana Grain Terminal

written by Tina-Marie Bethel – Perth Scuba PADI InstructorPerth Scuba Manta Club Dive

A lovely balmy night  for a dive.  Four people and a wonderful surface support person came along for the night.

Conditions looked to be delightful.  Calm water, excellent sunset and the perfect location of the Kwinana Grain Terminal.

Visibility was gorgeous at 15 plus meters.  That is as far as my light would go.  Critters galore including blennies, gobbies, crabs, octopus, blue ring octopus, rays and a great array of schooling fish.  This was the first time that Bel and Arman dived the Grain Terminal and both revelled in the experience.  Fun was had by all.

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