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Grain Terminal Sunday club dive

Grain Terminal Sunday club dive

Sunday 2 August 2020

On Sunday August 2nd the weather prediction looked shocking but we knew better, so we took the group of divers to the Grain Terminal in Rockingham.

When we got to the site the carpark was full of divers who all had the same idea. That didn’t bother us so we kitted up and headed down. Once under the water the viz was a little murky at the start but it did clear up the further we went out. On the way we spotted a couple of cuttlefish and a yellow seahorse. About 30mins in we made it to the cables and found a little cluster of cow nudibranchs, at this point we decided to turn around and make our way back.

On our way in we came back on the opposite side and spotted a few box fish and more nudibranchs. After 50mins we were back where we started so got out and headed back to the cars.

written by Dane Fielder – PADI Instructor

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