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Great turn out of dedicated divers at The Coombe

Last nights weekly night dive (24/2/16) was again supposed to be out at Rotto but sadly the wind blew up again like crazy as it always does lately! So we changed locations to the Coombe in Mosman Park.

Perth-Scuba-The-Coombe-Crabs-24Feb2016-2 Like always the river was looking good, and although it was windy it didn’t really affect us. I didn’t have to do too much of a briefing as we had 15 divers all familiar with the site and all with night diving experience. So we geared up and got in the water. I had 4 guys with me all keen to see the shallow wrecks, so first we went down to the 10m wreck and had a little look round. From here we descended down to the 13-14m wreck. There was lots of seahorses and a few tiny leatherjackets which was really cool. We also saw lots of jellyfish, some big red ones the size of dinner plates, Stripey, Snapper, Cobbler and lots of Crabs.

From the deeper wreck I found some pegs at 14m running off in a SE direction. I had never followed these markers before so we went for a look, after quite some time we had come across nothing. I was hoping they would lead to another wreck. Having said that we didn’t get to the end…….. as our agreed dive time was 50mins and we were already at 30mins. So we turned back up the slope and headed for the shallows. Here we found lots more seahorses in the weeds and a few prawns hiding in the shallows.

Next time I come to the Coombe I am going to head straight off on the pegs that go SE and see where they end up. Its an awesome dive site with good depth and a selection of wreck to choose from. So of the group went off to the deep 22m wrecks and had a good look round there. This area of the river is more suited to advanced divers though.

Great to see a good turn out again of dedicated divers, Ben Arthur especially……he forgot his wetsuit but that couldn’t deter him a rashie and boardshorts was all he needed! I look forward to next week where we will be doing another great night dive possibly in the ocean if this wind ever


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