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GUE TWINS vs SIDEMOUNT – Intro to Tech Day

Intro to Tech Day – A Great Success!

Sunday the 1st of February was Perth Scuba’s first “Intro to Tech day”.

Perth Scuba Tech Day 2015 024-2

Starting off at 10 am at the Bayswater Waves swimming pool, Australian Technical Diver of the Year Liam Allen and Resident Guru Tech Instructor Joseph Bicanic gave Perth Scuba customers a chance to experience diving with Back Mounted Twin Sets and Side Mount. For those who were a little curious as to how Side mount would feel and the benefit of being able to carry twice as much air on their back than normal, this was their day.

A turn out of over 30 keen divers, were treated to the experience of both systems at the deepest part of the dive pool. David Hayward – (GUE (Global Underwater Explorers) Dive Master in training was busily showing drills (twin valve set ups and shut downs – all in case of emergency) and explaining the ins and outs of twin tank diving. He was also able to share a couple of hours underwater encouraging divers to take the next level in ultimate buoyancy control and equipment control by discussing the GUE Fundamentals course. Arguably one of the best courses one can do to improve buoyancy control, air consumption and so much more. Lee Threw in a couple of Sea Doo Underwater Scooters for everyone to play with and a few of the guys tried out the new Suunto Eon Steel dive computer.

All in all – a great day with a chance to try something new. If you are keen to try dive with twin sets or Side mount equipment in future, look out for the next one. It’s a great day out and if you ever decide to go deeper for longer or just want to know that there is more air available if you ever need it, this may just be the answer for you.

written by Lee Johnson – Perth Scuba Manager

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