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Instructor Development Course

Perth Scuba PADI Instructor CandidatesWith Brendan, Brian, Jason, Joslyn and Matt signed on to do their Instructor course (IDC) we started the 10 day course on Friday evening where paperwork and introductions were done and I explained how the course was going to run. With Brian already doing some of the theory online the course was rearranged a little to allow him to have the weekend off while the others were in the classroom going over what he had already completed.

The first classroom presentation given by the guys saw a lot of nerves displayed, but they all did a great job and soon calmed down and settled in. The pool presentation was the next moment of truth as I tired to hand out some tricky problems for them to try and fix, they all did well here and we then had some fun playing games and having a good time. The first Ocean presentation was done at Perth Scuba PADI Emergency First ResponderWoodman’s Point with the wind and fisherman hampering things a little, we moved away from the jetty and conducted our presentations and rescue practice out of range of fishing lines and with a bit of wind protection from the jetty.

After a tiring 10 days all had received their Assistant Instructor rating and with a few days still to go until their Instructor Exam (IE), Brendon, Jason and Matt decided to do some specialty training to fill in the time. Before long we were at the Metro Hotel on Canning Hwy getting ready to enter the IE, here Alex Boulton, the PADI examiner sent over from Sydney, introduced himself, did all the paperwork and advised the guys how the weekend was going to run. First up was the pool presentation then followed by the Theory exams before getting a restful sleep and showing up at the Rockingham Wreck Trail the next morning to do their Open Water presentations and Rescue demonstration. A short break for lunch was had before heading back to the Metro Hotel to do their Classroom presentation.

The result was 3 happy Instructors, Brendon, Jason and Matt. Joslyn had been unable to sit the IE at this time as she was unable to get the time off work, so it will be off to Bali at the end of March (yes, Perth Scuba PADI Instructor CandidatesI’ll be there to help her through it, what better excuse to go to Bali) to sit her IE over there. Brian is still trying to find a time when work allows him to sit his IE.

It was a big effort by Brendan and Matt as they had only just finished their Dive Master course (literally the day before) and had decided to go straight through to Instructor. All the guys did a really great job, well done!

Our next full time IDC will start on the 30th April and go through to the 10th May with the IE on the weekend of the 14th & 15th May. Or if you want to go on a holiday and become an Instructor at the same time, we are running an Instructor course starting the 20th May 2011 and doing all the theory after hours and on weekends so as not to eat into your valuable holiday leave. The heading over to the warm waters of Bali for a week to do all the water work and sit the IE, just ask for details at the store.

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