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Imagine a world with more plastic than fish

Sea Turtle entangled in fishing gear. Greenpeace activists onboard the Rainbow Warrior found the Turtle in the Mediterranean Sea north of Lybia, and freed it. The Rainbow Warrior is in the mediterranean for a three month expedition "Defending Our Mediterranean". Greenpeace is calling for the creation of marine reserves in the Mediterranean sea, as part of global network coverig 40% of our seas and oceans.

Can you imagine an ocean with more plastic than fish?

More bottles, bags, fishing line and plastic fragments by weight than fins in the sea?

That’s our future if we continue on our current path according to a new report released by the World Economic Forum and Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

That’s why tackling the marine debris issue remains one of Project AWARE’s most urgent priorities.


Since 2011, Project AWARE divers from over 60 countries have removed and reported more than 550,000 pieces of debris from beneath the waves – nearly 63% of it is plastic.

Your support can help us do even more. When you make a donation today, you’re not only helping expand the effort to clean and protect the ocean, you’re also supporting the data collection needed to inform longer-term change.

What kinds of trash make their way underwater? Where? How much and why?

Providing a clear picture of the ugly journey of our trash helps inform policies and waste management practices that are critical for long-term change.

Please say NO to plastic in the ocean and contribute to our goal of raising US$10,000 by 31 March. Thanks to supporters like you, we’re a quarter of the way there.

Your donation will strengthen the battle against marine debris – expanding new tools and training programs on the front lines of this issue.

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