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Instructor Development Course Update

Hi all,Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Development Course

Just wanted to run a few thoughts by you guys ….as ever thought about being an Open Water Instructor?

The Perth Scuba Instructor Development Course (IDC) starts this October 18th – 26th 2012

Followed by the Instructor Examinations November 2nd – 4th 2012

This course is the first step on the ladder to becoming an Open Water Instructor; the course is run over a week with the theory section being completed before the start date of the course.

Becoming a dive instructor can be a truly life changing event, the opportunities to teach diving are here with Perth Scuba or if you feel the need to travel then it’s a great way to earn a living…..I know… I did it!! And for many years!

To be a good Open Water Instructor takes commitment, understanding, patience and a willingness to help people through a wide variety of diving courses with the ultimate professionalism. The job, make no mistakes can be very demanding, but the biggest positive about the job is the immense feeling of job satisfaction. Taking people from all different backgrounds in life and getting through their Open Water Course and maybe changing their lives is an awesome feeling.

Teaching is a way of life for me, within it my career I have travelled, owned my own diving business and truly changed my way of thinking about life, to be open minded as an Instructor is key…to be understanding at all times is a must.

Perth Scuba is now a Career Development Centre (CDC) and is the very top for dive education, there are no other CDC in Western Australia, so if you want to be the best…you learn from the best…right?

The IDC is a week intensive course that covers basic teaching principles, it made up of Classroom presentations, Confined Water Presentations, Open Water presentations and Skills. These will be tested at the Instructor Examination which runs over a 3 day period.

Preparation is key to success and the staff here at Perth Scuba are here to help, guide and encourage. The steps that you are making towards being an Open Water Scuba are massive, but you are not alone and with in-depth training and preparation you will succeed.

If this blog has put a seed into your mind, thinking about being a Dive Instructor then call the shop 08 9455 4448 for more information and come and talk to us ….you will change your lives ..

Take Care


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