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Jaw dropping surprise after filthy 24 hours of weather

Jaw dropping surprise after filthy 24 hours of weather

Wednesday 26 June 2019

Topside you couldn’t have come up with filthier weather 24 hours leading up to the Wednesday night club dive, so it was with jaw dropping surprise that the four of us waded into near crystal clear water aside the jetty at the old Mcfarlane Tearooms site at Peppermint grove and encountered visibility that out stretched our torch  beams. We headed straight out, dropping to around 10m in nearly zero current and were immediately surrounded by big shrimp and big blue swimmers at every turn. Heading further out the visibility suddenly dropped to less than 2m but with an abrupt 90 degree turn and bearing  North we headed back into great viz.

Under the new boat house where we found a beautiful Shaws boxfish and near by a Mosaic Leatherjacket and then small seahorses on just about every pylon and stringy clump of weed. There were numerous Decorator crabs and even an amorous pair of Bluies, clearly a bit late in the season with their intentions. Whilst wrestling a giant bluey and nearly loosing the tip of a finger I found myself desperately trying to avoid crushing several delicate little Slender Seamoths and after securing the crab in the catch bag lay on the bottom watching their comical almost clockwork like scamperings across the bottom. Heading back we found a small tender boat and then the legs of the jetty and having reached 50 minutes called it a day, surfacing to torrential rain but both my buddy and I proud of our catches.  A fantastic end to a wonderful dive and a Crab curry on the menu for Friday night!

written by Instructor Martin Crossley

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