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Jerrat Drive club dive

Jerrat Drive Club Dive

Wednesday 13 June 2019

Last night we checked out one of my favourite river sites Jerrat Drive. After all the rain I was counting on the viz been the best of the year.

Jerrat Drive club dive

At the site two of the keenest divers turned up, so we kitted up and made the trek down the hill. After a tricky entry we dropped down and headed out to the wreck, or at least tried to. After bumping into some pegs we decided to follow them. Once at 15m the pegs stopped and the wreck was nowhere to be seen, so we decided to head back into 8m and catch up to a big group of crabs we spotted earlier. After passing a few squid and a couple of big flathead we found the crabs then pretty much bagged out on the spot.

After around 40mins the guys had had enough so we surfaced then helped a local fisherman retrieve a crab pot. We then made our way up the rocks and back to our cars. 

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