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Jerrat Drive night dive has diabolical weather

Jerrat Drive night dive has diabolical weather

Diabolical weather had us heading to the river for the Wednesday night club dive, and the divers smorgasbord of Jerrat Drive was on the table for a revisit having been a while since the last night time visit.

Near glasslike water made for a fantastic view of the lights on the far bank, and fully expecting freezing cold water, it was a pleasant 20oC. Just as well for the diver who shall remain nameless that forgot his suite, but big respect for sticking out half an hour in a lycra undersuit dude! 

Off the end of the scout jetty and on a 35o heading it was a short 70m swim to the barge with no cross current. Good  numbers of Cobbler, Smooth Boxfish and a couple of impressively vivid red Western scorpionfish made for some excellent photo opportunities along with a couple of Orange Cerastoma nudibranch. A shoal of Pink Snapper darted around the wreck and a massive Flathead lurking in the false floor of the barge was reluctant to make a full appearance, but a Mantis shrimp was kind enough to stay put and permit some close ups and a good look at those amazingly complex eyes. Finding the white marker poles we followed them for the short 30m to the Junk. My buddy hadn’t seen Seahorses before and my worries of maybe not finding any were blow away when first inspection of the engine block turned up 6 together!! A cuttlefish kept flying into my light before finally squirting a black cloud and vanishing into the night.

A Sponge decorator crab, Squid, Mosaic leatherjacket and a fascinating Tasselled Leatherjacket added to the show that culminated in photos of 21 individual Sea Horses.  Jerrat Drive should rightfully be renamed ‘Sea Horse Central’.

Martin Crossley – PADI instructor /  Specialty  Instructor; UW Photographer and Night Diver   

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