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Jerrat Drive underrated in the Swan River

Wednesday 13/1/16 our weekly night dive was in the river at Jerrat Drive due to the 2m swells and high winds. We only had 5 divers so we decided to start the dive in one group and head out to the first of 2 wrecks.


Once in the water we headed over to the jetty and made our descent. I then navigated us over to the barge were we had great vis and plenty of marine life. There were crabs of all kinds, Cobbler, Leatherjackets, Boxfish, Gobbleguts, Nudibranchs, Frog fish and Seahorses. We then got a little bit split up as 2 of the guys went off catching crabs. From the barge we went off in the direction of the chinese junk. We came across an old line so we followed this for a while to see where it went, and it went pretty much nowhere. We then went back to the barge to get a bearing to find the second wreck.

The second wreck is very broken up but houses a great selection of marine life. After 5 or 10minutes here we went back up towards the river bank. Along the bank there is numerous pieces of debris such as tyres that are little havens for some of the rivers critters to hang out. You often find crabs a seahorses in these areas. Then to wrap the dive up we cruised along the rock wall adjacent to the jetty, followed by a look under the jetty. Personally i think this is one of the most underrated dives in the swan river. It always provides a good dive and I love it!

Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Aaron Goodhew

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