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Jervis Bay presents cuttlefish, seahorse, rays and more

Twenty divers showed up at Perth Scuba for the morning club dive on Sunday 14 February 2016. Due to the high wind prediction I chose Jervis bay thinking we would be nice and sheltered. After a BBQ we all made our way down to the site.
Once everyone was ready I took a photo and got into the water. The water looked great from the beach, no wind and great viz.
Once we got down the we lost a bit of the viz around 10m. We came across plenty of gobble guts, red lips, crested morwongs, baby bald chin groupers, schools of baby snapper the odd ray, cuttlefish and seahorse.
We hit our turn around point after 30mins and made our way back in. The water was full of stingers by this point so it felt a bit like a game of Pacman trying to avoid them. This site has some nice blade coral growing around 10m. It ranges in colour from red to yellow so it’s always worth a look if your after something different.
The water was 24 degrees, max depth was 11m and the viz ranged from 10m – 5m.
Make sure you make it to our next club dive.
Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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