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Jervoise Bay night diving

Wednesday 30/09/15 our weekly night dive was at Jervoise Bay, along the outer harbour wall. This was a going to be the first time I had dived this spot at night so was looking forward to it. The majority of the 8 divers who were joining me also hadn’t dived this spot before.


We geared up in the carpark and got the briefing out of the way then made our way down to the entry area which was down a steady path over a few rocks and onto the beach.

It was a relatively calm night with light north western winds. The dive site is south of Woodman point so pretty well protected in the given conditions.

Although there was quite a few guys fishing from the rocks we didn’t let this put us off, and on entering the water we realized that the vis was looking pretty good. We swam out on the surface for about 100m first and then descended once out of our depth.

The wall was really good actually with lots and lots of life, there were heaps of bullseyes, stripey and Morwongs. We also saw squid, Porcupine fish and a few really cool nudibranchs. The star of the show was the 3 little pajama squid I found each one trying to bury themselves in sand as soon as they saw my torch beam.  We got down to around 9m however not all the life is right down at the bottom it’s well worth heading up the wall to around 6m where you will find tons of little juvenile fish hiding in every hole.

After 25mins we turned round and made our way back to shore, on the way back I swam out on the sand away from the wall in search of any stingrays etc. I didn’t find a ray but was lucky enough to spot a small Port Jackson shark which swam in and out of my torch beam right into the shallows.

Overall a great dive with lots to see and one that we will be checking out again soon in the not too distant future.

Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Aaron Goodhew

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