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Joey’s in the Solomon Islands…

The dive boat at Munda, Solomon Islands by Johanna PoolI was lucky enough to be invited by Allways Dive Travel to check out the diving and accommodation at Munda and Uepi in the Solomon Islands. And even more lucky that my wonderful, understanding, and fantastic fiance said I could go!

Day 1 of our trip we flew out of Brisbane at 7am – not too bad for an international flight. We arrived at Honiara airport at lunchtime and then jumped on our domestic flight that would take us to Munda. The second flight only took about an hour, even though we landed at Seghi airport on the way.

So after half a day of travelling, we finally arrived at Munda Airport. A tiny little airport where our luggage was off loaded by hand and then wheeled down to the Agnes Lodge (our accommodation for the next 4 days) only 500 metres away. Munda is a tiny little town boasting a police station… and not much else really. Agnes Lodge isn’t much to look at from the outside, but once you enter… Very nice! The property has a large deck over the water to sit and watch the sun set. The bar has plenty of cold “Sol Beer” the local beverage, and there’s plenty of spirits to keep me happy (just don’t tell Lee!). Clown fish and anemone at Munda Bar Solomon Islands by Johanna Pool

The temperature in the Solomon’s is pretty much the same as Perth, only more humid. There’s two ceiling fans in every room and this is plenty to keep you cool at night. I’m typing this from my laptop in my room overlooking the palm trees… It’s very hard to take ;)

So far our diving has been quite diverse. We’ve done a cave dive that began with a short treck through the jungle. You then jump into the crystal clear water and descend into a dark cave reaching about 30m at the bottom. It takes about 8 minutes to get through the cave part and then you’re greated with blue water ahead – the cave opens out into the ocean. Out here the water is crystal clear with plenty of huge gorgonian fans and turtles that head in the other direction when they see you (they’re hunted here so they do not trust divers).

Next dive was out to a point to find Hammerheads – no hammerheads I’m afraid, but plenty of corals and fish to keep us occupied. We then moved onto a small bomber at 14 metres which had loads of fish life all over it. Beautiful site, although a little murky.Corsair wreck at 52 metres by Johanna Pool Solomon Islands

The following days diving (today) we went to a Corsair wreck just off the back of one of the islands. It’s in 52 metres and at the base of a sloping reef. The visibility was fantastic! Following my guide down I could see the full wreck at 10 metres depth. Just gorgeous and there was plenty of small fish life and coral on this wreck too.

We then headed up the slope and were greeted with gorgeous corals, reef fish and continued great visibility. After the wreck we headed to a tropical island, with white sandy beaches to eat our lunch… I must say, this is very hard work  – but willing to put in the effort for the boss! ;)

Well, that’s all for now everyone. I’m off to the bar to watch the sunset and enjoy a couple of drinks. Stay tuned for more photos over the next few days!!!

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