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Jurien Bay Weekender Review

written by Nathan “Patto” Patterson

Michael & Alicia, Perth Scuba Jurien Bay Trip, Western AustraliaFriday afternoon had finally arrived but unfortunately so had the rain, not exactly the best way to start a weekend away. The traffic was hideous actually it was worse than that but the thought of dinner at the Jurien Bay Tavern kept me focused. After the 2 1/2hr drive taking close to 3 1/2hrs I was finally at the tavern in JBay enjoying a steak sandwich and a cold pint with the rest of the crew, except those who took the Tom Tom directions via the scenic route.

We headed back to the Livatopy unit that would be our accommodation for the weekend, it was very nice indeed. Even with 12 of us in this place it was still massive and very well appointed.

It didn’t take long before there was camera chargers and camera gear spread throughout the house, 5 of the crew were taking full advantage of the weekend completing their PADI Digital Underwater Photography Course with Underwater Photo Instructor Joey Pool.

The rain didn’t ease up during the evening but we were all hopeful that when we woke that conditions would have improved.Sealions play at Jurien Bay by Nathan Patterson

Saturday morning saw the traditional start to any trip with vegemite toast, coffee and cocoa pops. The drizzle couldn’t dampen the spirits as we piled all of our dive gear into the back of my ute and headed off to the marina to meet up the crew from Jurien Bay Charter ‘n’ Dive. Mick the skipper had the boat looking great, we loaded up all the gear and settled into spot.

The briefing began and all was going great until I decided to climb up on the roof to take a seat, rain + boat hand rail + bare feet = big crash during a very quiet moment in the briefing and a cracked rib…… OUCH!!!

We headed out in not so favorable conditions but hey the Perth Scuba crew are tough, I had dived here before and it is a great spot with lots of overhangs caves and plenty of fish life. I took the non photographers in my group, otherwise known as the special needs group (self named I might add). The surge wasn’t too bad given the weather and there was plenty to see buff bream schools, blue devils, nudibranches, white barred boxfish, eagle rays, and schools of Western Butterfly fish all in and out of the caves.

Girls rug up in Jurien Bay, Western Australia by Nathan PattersonThe highlight of the trip was when we called past Essex Rock to play with the local sealions. They really turned it on, jumping into the air, spiraling around us stopping for kisses no one wanted to get out of the water. This was definitely everyone’s favorite part of the trip.

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