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Kraken molests scuba diver at South Cottesloe beach

Kraken molests scuba diver at South Cottesloe beach

Sunday 14 July 2019

The week hadn’t been looking good and the usual dilemma over the river versus sea, played with my mind. But the weather turned up trumps over the preceding 36  hours and Swellnet Scarborough webcams at 7AM on the morning did it for me, it was a goer for one of my top three local shore dive locations – South Cottesloe. Seeing the fantastic conditions all the way up Leighton’s had me buzzing. 13 divers were in for a great dive.

Water temp 16.8 C, viz 5 to 8m, and a high tide allowing swim out over the reef and into the deeper 4 – 5m gullys, ledges and bomb holes. Not a single cray in sight but an octopus creeping beneath the kelp made for a beautiful wrist ornament on my buddy and provided us some fantastic photo opportunities.

It’s always good to have a torch for exploring and one under ledge cavern extending several meters back revealed a Circular Stingray and a ceiling anchorage for hundreds of candle white Cuttlefish eggs hanging in secret. Moonlighter, Sea Sweeps, Red lip Moorwongs, McCullocks Scalyfins and Herring Kale springing from their kelp refuges kept us busy out to 9m depth and back over the reef to the shallows for a last hunt amongst the sea grass for Weedies but alas not this time.

Everyone had a great time and stories to exchange during the dekit and not a mention of the temperatures, which says it all. 

Written by Martin Crossley – PADI Instructor

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