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Perth Scuba | Dive Shop & Training Western Australia

Kwinana Grain Terminal club dive

Kwinana Grain Terminal

Sunday 28 October 2018

Manta Club dive

The variable wind direction of the last week held off a decision on the site until the morning, and despite some heavy canvassing for some coastal sites north of the river, the good turn out and range of divers’ experience levels favoured the “Grain Terminal”. After a hearty feast of bbq bacon, a happy band of 18 divers reconvened at the Rockingham Beach Road site. The southerly winds of the past two days meant for easy entry and the possibility of some good viz and we weren’t wrong, with a reasonable 5m near shore and up to 8/9m mid jetty giving some excellent conditions for all levels to take their time and soak in the warming spring water temperatures – ranging 19 to 18oC and top 18s for the most. The fish life didn’t disappoint, but the octopus did – where the hell have they all gone? We were however treated to some fantastic black and white striped sea slugs, a ‘red horned’ nudibranch, a Sea Horse, Western Smooth and Shaws Box fish, heaps of baby Magpie Moorwongs, big Western King Wrasse and a rarely seen type of Gurnard. The growth on the pylons is a marine biologists dream-day out, and it pays to stop and watch for a couple of minutes to get your eye in and see the detail. Can’t wait for more of these fantastic spring days and the company of many more like minded fun people. Thanks to all who came.
Martin Crossley – PADI Instructor (since 1998) 

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