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Lee’s Update

Well it’s been a very interesting last couple of weeks.

Shark Shield Freedom 7 on Scuba DiverWith the word shark on pretty much everyone’s mind there has been a big run on Shark Shields. Hopefully those of you who already dive know that there are things you just don’t do at certain times of the year. We have been saying it for years but unfortunately there is always someone who either doesn’t know or chooses not to know. As I mentioned in my blog the other day – certain times of year, weather conditions and other elements affect the likelihood of sharks in a particular area. Scuba Divers do not get attacked by sharks if they are looking and taking photos. Scuba Divers run a much higher risk of being attacked if they spear fish while diving. The message is simple… If you must spear fish while diving – wear a shark shield. And if you must spear fish at all – Don’t do it in October while the whales are migrating and the Snapper are spawning in the Cockburn Sound. As tragic as the incident a few weeks ago was, it could have been prevented. There has NEVER been an attack on a Scuba Diver in WA who wasn’t either spear fishing or commercially fishing for Abalone. Why would that change now? Never the less Perth Scuba has decided to offer Shark Shields to any of our students who would feel safer using one during their courses. This is not at all out of concern but more for peace of mind for the student. We all know that we have nothing to worry about – but we want new divers to feel safe too. If you are interested in Shark Shields and would prefer peace of mind diving all year round, give us a call at the store and we’ll demonstrate how they work for you. More importantly – Don’t give up diving – learn more about sharks!

For more info on the do’s and don’ts, click here to check out my safety tips.

Shark AWARE Specialty Course 17th November 6:30pmShark AWARE Conservation Specialty Course

Last week Marc Van Der Poel took some of Perth Scuba’s crew through PADI’s new Shark Aware Specialty course. I learned a lot about sharks and the devastating affect we have on them. Did you know that 70 Million sharks are killed every year – mainly for shark fin soup? Did you know that Australia is not even amongst the top 10 countries in preserving shark numbers? In fact commercial operators in WA don’t even have to report their catch to fisheries or any statistical recording body.

Learn more about sharks and what you can do to protect these amazing creatures by completing the AWARE Shark Conservation Distinctive Specialty at Perth Scuba.

Check out the article about Perth Scuba written by David Roe from PADI Project AWARE.

Cray Information Night Wednesday 9th of November 6.30pm

Robert Johnston and crayfishJoin me and the crew for our famous Cray Information Night. This once a year event tells you all you need to know about Cray Fish just in time for the opening of our Cray Fish Season (15th of November). Learn the life cycles of Crayfish, how the “runs” work, find out what a “white” and a “red” is and find out when and where is the best time to find them. Then we will show you how to catch and keep your crayfish dinner. This info night covers all aspects from the rules and regulations (and the penalties that apply if you are naughty) as well as the breeding cycles, how to check the sex and how to see if the cray you have is a “keeper”. Learn migration patterns and habitats they like to live in. Learn the secrets of catching so you never miss and pick up some great specials on the night with the Perth Scuba Cray Catching Kit!

See you at Perth Scuba!

Dive Travel

Diving in Palau Micronesia by Joey PoolJoey and I recently headed over to Melbourne for a whirlwind 2 day trip to visit our friends at Allways Dive Travel. Ian, Caroline, Nicko and Abbigail put on a fantastic Micronesia Promotional Night with lots of food and drinks and some great guest speakers there to promote different locations. We came away with some cool new places to visit and we have booked our 2013 Palau & Truk double trip and also a fantastic new Liveaboard trip to Palau on the Siren’ Vessel which is so new – they are still building it!!

We will be having an info night on the new trips soon.

While we were zipping around Melbourne Mike “pants’ed” Doswell was trekking off to Papua New Guinea to check out the accommodation and diving that is on offer for those of you who are planning to join him on his trip next year. By all counts I don’t think anyone is going to be disappointed with what’s on offer. It looks like a great value trip with so much to see! Mike’s trip write up will be in next weeks’ newsletter.

Borneo Dive Tour 2012Borneo Tour Group 2010

Just one week left before we close this trip and you don’t want to miss out on the trip that everyone will be talking about for years… Borneo – Sipadan May 2012.

With 30 Boat dives + Unlimited shore dives, all meals and accommodation included for only $2495 ex Tawau – it’s the best value trip on offer! (flights from Perth to KL to Tawau range from $129 to $400). Don’t miss out! Call the store or fill in a booking form today!

Perth Scuba Photographer of the Month: Gavin Ee

Gavin Ee Underwater PhotographerThis week we introduce a new section to our newsletter – Underwater Photographer of the Month. On the first week of every month we will be interviewing some great photographers and showing some of their fantastic photos. Any one can submit their photographs and who knows – you could be the next featured photographer. There will be some cool prizes for those who are featured and after we have run the photography interviews and shown you all the great photos, we will let you guys vote for the best Perth Scuba photographer and we will announce them at the first Annual Perth Scuba Manta Club Party night. More on that later…

Scubapro MASSIVE Price Drop Sale!  1 DAY SALEScubapro logo

Next week – whatever you do – make sure you keep Saturday FREE! At 8:30am when the doors open at Perth Scuba – we will be having our Massive Scubapro Price Drop Sale!

Free gifts, lots of prizes and some fantastic specials will be on offer. There will be great prices on ex hire SCUBA Units. New Scubapro Scuba units at prices never seen before in Australia and FREE Scubapro Mask, Snorkel, Fin, Boot packages to the value of $500 with ANY new Scubapro Scuba Unit purchase. Units start from just $1395 (and you still get $500 worth of Scubapro Snorkeling gear for FREE!!)

Join us for a free sausage sizzle, one of our Dive Master Guru’s will be driving the BBQ and there may even be a visit by Fat Cat for the kids! …. OK NO FAT CAT for the kids but you still don’t want to miss out on this fabulous sale! Be early!

Facebook: our link to you

Many of you by now have joined the Perth Scuba Facebook group and it’s a great way for us to let you know what’s happening as it happens, but what you may not know – is that shortly one of the Facebook group sites is going to be shut down due to Facebook’s new operational reasons. This means that if you are on the old facebook group – if you don’t move across – we may lose contact with you via that media.Like us on Facebook

So how do you stay with us? Its easy – Follow this link and click the Like button. This will then join you to the new site. If you aren’t sure whether you are in or not already – click LIKE anyway. We would love to see everyone come over to the new group soon so we don’t lose you.

There are some exciting new things happening soon on FACE BOOK with some very easy ways to win prizes too. Don’t miss out!! LIKE us today

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