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Lovely Lena shows off its awesome-ness again

Nine divers including myself made the early start and headed down to Bunbury on Sunday the 18th January 2015 to dive the wreck of the Lena. We all arrived at the jetty and met with Kim the skipper, loaded all the gear and got ready to leave. However we did have to make a quick scoot to the dive shop for some more tanks. As we were all early we still managed to get away on time.
Perth Scuba Lena Wreck 10Jan2015-2015Kim got us out to the dive site in no time at all on the glassy ocean, conditions couldn’t have been better. Visibility looked awesome too, you could easily see the wreck from the surface.  The plan was to conduct three dives in total; one longer dive on the wreck followed by one short dive on the wreck then to move to a shallow coral garden for the third. Kim gave us a thorough dive brief and run down on the history of the wreck.
On entering the water you could see pretty much the whole wreck and the sand on the sea floor at 17m below. Visibility was in excess of twenty meters. We headed straight to the stern where we found two good sized port Jackson sharks and a couple of stingrays. There were also scores of globe fish just chilling near the anchor chain. We Continued the dive mainly around the lower sections of the wreck inspecting the bent propeller and broken rudder sections.
The second dive focused on the upper portion of the wreck. There were literally hundreds of bullseyes around the wheel house. We did some swim throughs around the top sections of the wreck where we encountered Boarfish, Western Talma, Stripeys, moonlighters and many more. After just thirty mins we made our way back to the boat leaving ample air in our second tank to make the third dive.
The third dive was on a coral garden in around ten meters of water, a lot closer to shore. The ground here was very interesting, The weed and coral looked a lot different from the similar shallow dives around Perth. We saw several different nudibranchs, colourful shrimps and an awesome little cuttlefish. The coral in this area was beautiful and in very good condition.
Finally we dried off and pulled up for light lunch on the way back to the port. A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all, with Kim Joyce at Octopus Garden Dive Charters providing an excellent trip as always.
Looking forward to the next one :-)

written by Aaron Goodhew – Perth Scuba PADI Dive Master

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