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Light & Motion Sola 4000 Video Lights

AWESOME is the best way to describe the new Light & Motion (L&M) Sola 4000’s. I am on my third lighting system in 9 years of Underwater Video and my latest purchase is by far the best.

Before parting with my hard earned dollars I researched online for the latest and greatest in Underwater Video Lights. In about 80% of all sites visited the Sola 4000’s were top choice.

There were some lights a bit brighter, some able to go deeper and a few had some other unique feature. BUT! Nothing I could find had the punch and package offered with the Sola 4000’s. The spread of light, no hot spots, quick charge time, no cables, no separate battery pods, settings as high as 4000 Lumens with a 65 minute burn time to 500 Lumens with around 500 minutes burn time. Not to mention ease of use.

What’s also surprising are comments from Divers being videoed. Divers were complaining about other Camera (photography) Lights being shone towards them but not my Video monsters. The Photographers Lights had a narrower angle, perfectly suited to the task they were doing. These less powerful lights had a more concentrated beam so Divers found them hard to tolerate. Not so much with the Sola 4000’s. I also found a lot of Divers following behind me as I turned the dark night dive into a well lit Dive Site.

The Spread of light is amazing. I have a 114 degree (in water angle) Wide Angle Lens on my Amphibico Housing and there are no sections of footage lacking light.

On a recent wreck dive I had a diver comment that he had not intended to go into any area without good day light. He saw a well lit room and decided to enter. It was me! I was in a closed area that would have been pith black was it not for my new babies.

My first dive with the new system was in a fresh water lake in the middle of the forest. Due to a minor flood in my Dry Suit I ended the dive while my Dive Buddy continued and had a turn trying my camera and lights. Upon exiting the water I was struck at the eerie site of massive lights coming up from the deep. Very ET’ish.

After having the L&M predecessors, the Sunray 2000’s, and thinking these were the Bees Knees I can say with confidence the Sola 4000’s are the best lights I have owned. Anyone interested in Videography would be hard pressed finding a better system.

Joseph Bicanic

Dive Addiction

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