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Lots to see at KGT

Sunday 19th of April 2015 the Manta Club Dive headed to the Kwinana Grain Terminal.


After a beautiful breakfast of sausages egg and bacon the crew headed off to the Kwinana grain terminal.

We were greeted by a gentle breeze and a beautiful sunny day. Great to see new faces joining the sunday club dive.

After the dive brief we geared up and headed to the beach for the famous manta photo. After a few laughs the 17 keen divers headed off.

We were greeted with good vis 4/5 mts and lots to see. The usual suspects were there octopus  Nudibranchs, seahorse, Snapper, and also the dreaded jelly fish.

All the divers had a little story to tell and thoroughly enjoyed the mornings dive and such a beautiful day. Looking forward to next sundays dive.

Written By Forge Lucivero – PADI Dive Master

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