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Maldives (oh yehhhh!)

Written by Glenn Storey & Steve Rudge – Tour Leaders

Perth Scuba Maldives Dive Tour GroupIt only seems like yesterday that we were all excitedly meeting at Perth Airport for the big dive trip, watching Jason chasing the taxi (that dropped him off) because he left his back pak in it which had his passport and tickets inside. Fortunately Jason got hold of the taxi company and the cab returned, along with his big smile. The only other hiccup at the start of the trip was Natalie’s dive gear deciding to spend a night in Sri Lanka before joining us, by the end of the trip we did get the feeling that Natalie and Shannon’s dive gear didn’t like being with them as it kept disappearing. Once on the live aboard (MV Amphibiya), we got our check dive done in the afternoon followed by a couple beers, surrounded by beautiful tropical islands and blue water. Our dive trip was truly underway!

Now all Perth Scuba dive trips have their moments, some that happen on a dive trip, stay on a dive trip (unless its Nat) but not all of them and we have spared no one.

Tibbs – Always tuck the video camera leads inside the housing, it tends to flood otherwise. Oh and listen to your wife whilst your under water .

Geraldine – You need to come up with some new hand signals for Tibbs, he can,t hear what your saying under water , or maybe he,s pretending he can’t.Attack of the cobbies at Perth Scuba Maldives Dive Tour

Jake (aka Rex Hunt) – Who had the last laugh with the fishing, well done and thanks for the feed of fish, shame we couldn’t say the same about your water skiing skills !

Natalie – 15 litres of Nitrox can go along way but not all the way around the island, good to see your great dancing has not diminished with the absence of night clubs in Abu Dhabi.

Shannon – Congratulations on finally mastering the art of climbing down stairs!

Malcolm – The whale sharks would of looked a lot smaller with your contacts around the wrong way!

Belinda – Bring your own band aids next time, that way you won’t have to keep “SNOOP’N” around looking for him, I mean them.

Fiona – Buy yourself a stubbie cooler that fits big water bottles, they won’t hurt as much when they fall on your face!Perth Scuba Maldives Dive Tour 2011

Tom – Buy yourself a bigger slate, you can write more on it, better still, buy a camera and housing, its easier.

Jason – Nearly didn’t make it, what would we have done without you and your lucky shark tooth necklace, make sure your wearing it to the airport next time.

Nat – Stay off the tequila or you’ll end up with splinters in your face!

Josh- Did you and Nat end up seeing that pinnacle on the way to the Seychelles, choose your wingman wisely.

Lindsay – Hope the next group of guests weren’t red wine drinkers!

Glenn – Your really do look like a “Gazza”

Rudgey – “Any one for sheesha”

Perth Scuba Maldives Dive TourIt’s the people that make a good dive trip and this was certainly the case this time along with lots of tiger beer, night stick dancing, big Cuban cigars, Lithuanian instructors with big lungs, massages and pool bars thrown in for good measure.

Oh, have we mentioned the diving yet! Manta’s, whale sharks, sharks, wreck, night, reef and drift diving along with some great fishing and the island vistits and bbq’s. Tough life but someone had to do it. Unfortunately for us we missed the Karaoke night, not so unfortunate for the other island guests as I don’t think they would of seen to much of the microphone with us there! We all had a great time and our first trip as Tour Leaders was made so much easier because of of the top group of people we travelled with, thanks guys!

Look forward in seeing you all on your next dive trip (o- yeehh)

Rudgey and Gazza (Glenn)

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