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Fins Fins Fins…… and Huge Salmon at Ammo Jetty

Written by Simon Kong – Perth Scuba PADI Dive Master

Awesome dive at ammo jetty for the manta club divers this Sunday 18 May 2014, after a few mishaps. Dedication!!! One of our divers drove 2 hours from York to come diving with us. After filling up our tummy with the freshly cook hot dog at the shop in drizzling weather, we headed out to Ammo Jetty where we were greeted by a much better weather (no rain).

Once geared up, one of our divers realize that she did not have any straps on one of her fins. Fortunately for us, Sue Myburgh, from Western Australian Underwater Photographic Society was kind enough to lend her, her White ScubaPro Seawing nova for the dive. Big thanks to Sue for her help. Once at the shore, we had to overcome the mountain of seaweed that was on the first 4 meters off the shoreline. Happy to be in the water, our divers decided to put their fins on in a bit of surge. Unfortunately two of our divers drop their fins and we took a while to find them in the murky water.

Perth Scuba Manta Club Dive Ammo Jetty 18May2014-2

Past the 10 more meters of murky water, we started to be rewarded with 3 meters of viz with a water temp of 19 degrees. All the effort was not in vain though, there was practically no surge at depth, and our divers saw Octopus, seahorse, wheelchair with an incredible amount of baby fish on and around it, and at some point, there was a huge amount of huge salmon that passed by which made the end of the jetty become dark since they were blocking all the light. Rough Start, but we end up having an awesome dive.

Unfortunately when leaving, one of our divers forgot their Mares Full Foot Fins in the car park. When we went back, there were no fins to be found. So if anyone found those fins around 12pm to 2pm, please kindly let Perth Scuba know and we will make sure it returns to its owner.

Hope to see more of you soon!

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