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The weird and wonderful come out to play at Ammo Jetty

written by Ian Griffiths – Perth Scuba PADI InstructorPerth Scuba Manta Club Night Dive Ammo Jetty 18Dec2013-

We met at Ammo Jetty at 19.00, myself as instructor and Zosh, our Divemaster in training and the following Manta club members, Zack, Dale, Blair, Rusty, Enda, Josh and Arman who arrived just after the picture was taken. Zosh gave a sterling dive brief for the dive site and I added a brief on the wildlife they could expect to see. After buddying up our divers we entered the water at about 19.30. The Fremantle Doctor was whipping up the surface a bit but below the surface we had about 3m vis which is about standard for the jetty. There was plenty to see below the waves. Lots of Octopus, many, many Seahorses, Nudis, Leatherjackets, Cardinal Fish, Gobbleguts, a Squid, lots of Scorpion Fish (which you don’t see in the day time often), Lion Fish and Port Jackson sharks (which unfortunately I missed!! Doh!!). I managed to get a few pictures before I exited the water and ticked off the club members from the roster.

It was a great night dive with plenty to see on one of my favourite shore dives around here. Thanks to all that attended and see you soon.


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