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Manta Club at Omeo Wreck

Manta Club dive at Omeo Wreck, Coogee – snapper schools near the artificial reefs 

Sunday 14 April 2019

Manta Club divers at Omeo Wreck Coogee
Manta Club Divers at Omeo Wreck, Coogee

The swell was stronger than predicted near North Coogee Wall today, so we selected Omeo Wreck as the preferred site, after first looking at Sue’s Groyne.  The conditions in the water near the good old Omeo Wreck looked rough-ish, but definitely diveable.  18 of Perth Scuba’s keen Manta Club divers met after 10 am on the grassy lawns nearby Omeo. Many newer divers joined our Club today.  The visibility at the wreck itself was fairly average, but it improved greatly as we moved towards the structures forming the artificial reef, and it improved towards 5-6 meters near the tip of groyne.  Near the end of groyne, and everywhere around, multiple schools of snapper were having a restaurant-like dining experience, clearly enjoying their food.

The staircase entry point was easier now, due to low tide and some sand washed out near the end – so no tricky searching of the bottom is needed at the last step. Omeo wreck site offers a nice and feature-rich diving experience now. A tip: most of the new reefs are a little outside the groyne wall, maybe 10-15 meters away from the wall. So for a great dive, it is good to see both the wall and features, mainly on the way back. The major concrete cone feature is at 7.5 m of depth, a little away from the groyne’s wall.

Thanks everyone for coming to this Manta Club dive! See you on next dives soon!

Written by Mikhail Vasiliev – Perth Scuba PADI Instructor

Manta Club Divers at Omeo Wreck Coogee
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