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Manta Club descends on Jervoise Bay for a dive

written by Rick Biddle – Perth Scuba Dive MasterPerth Scuba Sunday Morning Shore Dive

On Sunday, March 24, 17 divers headed to Jervoise Bay for a club dive.  Jervoise Bay, located at the southern end of Woodman Point, is an interesting alternative to the better known Ammo Jetty.  With water depths ranging from 4-12 m and an abundance of marine life around the rock jetty, Jervoise Bay is an attractive dive site for both beginner and the more experienced diver.

The conditions were ideal on Sunday – warm, sunny day with little or no wind or waves and decent visibility (3-5 m).  The rock jetty, which extends several hundred metres, offered a wide range of macro-marine life including the elusive cuttlefish (although I did not personally see one, I saw the photographs from a few of the divers!).  Thanks to everyone for a great day and a wonderful dive.

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